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From: kooljee
Subject: Found My Soulmate Chapter 1 (Gay,Adult Friends)I’m not gonna spend the time writing a disclaimer, but I’m sure that
you know if you’re not supposed to be here. If you’re willing to take
the risk and read this story anyway, well, there’s not much that I can
do anyway.This is based on a true story, but names have been changed.If you have Questions, comments, concerns, complaints, etc., feel free
to email them to koolfrendgmail.com.This is a true encounter-situation description Which I had with my friend,
Whom I still think as My soulmate.
This is a statement of the author’s feelings and erotic needs.Chapter 1:I am a 28 year old single bi-sexual male.I live here in Province of Punjab
in Pakistan. We have closed type of society here, in hidden you can do any
thing but you cannot do it in open. Their are some blessing as well of
this society too,Like two men can walk in having hands in each others,
unlike like west it is taken as friendship signal in our society and no
body can ask,what are you doing sir.In our society truth to the matter no body is considered as straight,
enough to say. You can find that most of the Nn Preteen Girls
people here are what you say
bisexuals,we do not give names,like these. Now enough to explain about my
society,lets come to the story,I am going to describe. I am an old reader
at nifty and sending my first story,which is hunderd percent true. Here
are the description of the main characters,though name are changed.(1)Adeel,me I am 28 as i said and working in bank for last two years.(2)Salman,He is 27 working in same bank for one year.while writing this story,we are still texting each other,but had not told
him about this story though.It was the same month of august, I had been Nn Preteen Girls
working in a bank for year
after completing my masters. Let me summarize it in to short.Salman was
hired by our bank in august. At first i was not much interested in him,but
he made is advances towards me and we became friends. It was during last
december that I became sexually interested in him.I started thinking about
him as my lover, I do not remember exactly how it started but I was
thinking about him all the time,From May to July its very hot season in our part of the world,So during
July,which just passed, Salman and I and two more of our colleagues made
plans to go Naran and Kaghan,These are the hill resorts situated in
KhyberPakhtunKhawa Province in north west of our country.Let me explain physique of our both,I am 5ft 11,fair complexion,waist 36
weight 85 kg. On the other hand Salman is 5ft 8,chocolate complexion,waist
34 weight 76 kg.After Planning this trip when details were being finalized,those two
colleadues backed of due to some personal problems. So it left me and
Salman two in this trip.So after planning the details and back packing our
laugage, we boarded the bus for Rawalpindi.That night we stayed at Pindi
with a friend of his. Next day we took a bus for Mansehra(the district
head quarter), After Mansehra we travelled to Balakot. From Balakot we
took a bus for Naran.It was this part of Journey were our sexual escaped
begins.I remember it was small hill stop called paras,here our bus made a stop for
thirty minutes. On the way from Balakot to paras,Salman remain sleeping
all the way.At the Paras he seems fedup of this, eight hour long journey.So
after boardning from paras I just tried to cool him off, and started
massaging Nn Preteen Girls his thighs.He seems to be calm down and seems like he dosed of,
but another problem arose,it was his cock which seems to be excited from my
massage.I continue massaging him,he seems to be asleep,but I knew he wasn’t
sleeping. So just to check his response I made advances towards his
cock,by touching it occasionally like it was just being accidently. Seeing
that he didn’t mind I became bold and started massaging his cock from his
pant,after some time I started handling it just like masturbation. He woke
up but didn’t do any thing so I continue. Fearing that he might come Nn Preteen Girls in
his pants,I planned to delay it till later.Its two hour journey from paras to Naran,When we reached Naran we booked
our self a hotel and bring our laguage to our room.It was room number eight
and had a double bed in it. When I saw it I just say wow thats great.
More to Cum, so waitAll comments are appreciated.

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